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Kanchi Kudil

Kanchi Kudil

Kanchi Kudil was born of a desire to turn ancestral property into a place of tourist interest, that tourists may get a feel of the life as lived in a historic place as Kanchipuram. While temples and monuments index the cultural life of a city, the real soul of a place is to be found in its people and their homes.

The House

This is a 90-year-old house, authentic in old-style architecture and functionality. It affords a glimpse of the life of an agricultural family in a small town - the master's room, room for the women and children, room for the gods, open-to-sky courtyards,Verandahs, the backyard with agricultural implements. Added features are descriptions on the history of Kanchipuram and its temples, traditional music as backdrop and a stock of exquisite handicrafts for the tourist to buy.

Attractions and Comforts

Craft exhibition and live demonstrations by craftsmen and artisans will be arranged during peak tour seasons. Feel free to buy from our stock of handicrafts. Our food court offers hygienically prepared South Indian dry snacks.At the rear end of the house is located a modern block of toilets for men and women, maintained absolutely clean to five star standards, and enough to cater to coachloads of tourists at a time.


53A, Sangeetha Vidwan Nainar Pillai Street, (Old Putheri Street) Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu. Phone: 044-27227680