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Temples - Kacchapeswarar Temple

Kachabeswarar Kachabeswarar

Although it is believed that this temple was built by the Pallava dynasty, the precise timeframe of the construction of this temple is unknown. In This temple Siva appears as being worshipped by Vishnu in the form of Kurmemerali.This temple is located in the centre of Kanchipuram.

One version you might hear about this temple would say that this temple is called "Kaccheeswarar Temple". This stands for Kachi + Eswarar = "Lord of Kanchi". Kachi is another name for Kanchipuram. The real reason, however, is that the main deity in this temple is called Kacchapa Eswarar. "Kacchapam" is Sanskrit for "Turtle". Hindu mythology suggests that the main deity in this temple (Lord Shiva) was worshipped by Lord Vishnu in the form of a Turtle. Hence the name Kacchapeswarar Temple. This temple is a full fledged Hindu temple under the administration of the Hindu Temples Department of the Tamilnadu Government.


There are not many sculptures or architectural wonders in this temple. So, there is not much of a feast for a camera in this temple. However, this is one of the few temples where you would have to pay a fee for taking a camera into the premises.