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Temples - Subramaniaswami Temple


This temple does not have much historical or architectural importance. It was built in its present form around 1915. But, the shrine of Sri Subramanya Swami in Kanchipuram finds a significant place in Hindu mythology.

For Hindus on a pilgrimage trip, this temple is a mandatory place to visit. It gains its significance due to its location. The way this temple is located in the city is a rare phenomenon mentioned in Hindu scriptures. It is called the "Soma Skandha" Posture.The "Soma Skandha" posture indicates Lord Shiva seated with the Goddess Shakthi to his left, with his son, Lord Subramanya seated between them. In Kanchipuram, the shrine of Lord Shiva (Sri Ekambaranathar) is located with the shrine of Shakthi (Kamakshi Amman) to its left. The Kandakottam temple is located right in between these two. This is the "Soma Skandha" posture.